Ask These Questions Before You Book A Photographer

You’ve looked at a dozen websites already ... and now you’ve got who knows how many more browser tabs open. Maybe you haven’t found the right fit, or maybe, you’re simply lost trying to sift through of all of the information you’ve come across.

Choosing the right photographer can feel downright overwhelming.

Trust me, I get it.

I always say that following your intuition is the best method, but I hear you, sometimes it’s just not that easy. So here's a few of the most important questions to ask yourself so you can choose the photographer the fits you best.


1. Does their work make me feel something?
It’s important to LOVE the mood, the moments and the feeling in their photographs. If looking through their website left you daydreaming about how incredible your photographs would look if you hired them, that’s a good sign. So, ask yourself... “do they have a photographic style that I connect with?” - This is both the simplest and most important question.


2. Does their work reflect the things that are important to me?
One website may be filled with images of people looking directly into the camera and smiling. Another may have photographs that emphasize feeling - a husbands gentle touch as he lifts his wife's chin for a kiss, the squinty-eyed and blissful grin of a little girl wrapped in her father's arms. -- This isn’t a one size fits all experience. If you want a formal, posed portrait, the first photographer is for you. If you want someone who will preserve your story and capture your love in a way that evokes emotion, photographer number two would be the better choice.


3. Will I enjoy communicating and spending time with this person?
If you have already been in touch with them, consider how those interactions made you feel. Were you left excited about the process after speaking with them or was there some uncertainty? Were they willing to communicate with you in the way that you prefer (email, phone or at an in-person consult)? -- If you haven’t had any communication with them yet, consider this: Do they have personal details on their website that you connect with? Do you get a sense of their personality from the things they say throughout their website and Instagram posts? If yes, and you feel like you already know them - you’re on the right track!  

Wait, there's one more question to ask!