We all have a story...

And it's more than just the "big stuff." Your story lies in the little things, in those in-between moments - the spontaneous road trips, belly laughs, and gentle touches. Your first home together and the way laughter echoes through a living room piled high with boxes. The goosebumps on your skin when you sprinted hand in hand across the sand and into the near-freezing ocean. Inhaling that newborn smell while your first child sleeps in your arms, her tiny hand coiled around your finger.

Every love story is overflowing with beautiful moments. 

You want to look back and see photographs that emphasize the emotion, connection, and love that you feel in these moments, photographs that will tell your story. 

That's where I come in. 

East Coast Philadelphia Photographer -  Morgan Ellis - the best photographer for families on the east coast
East Coast Philadelphia Photographer -  Morgan Ellis - the best photographer for couples on the east coast



I'm Morgan! Lover of handwritten letters, thunderstorms and road trips up the coast. I'm happiest when I'm standing by the ocean in the pouring rain with a camera in hand, although cuddled up on the sofa with my husband and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream is definitely a close second.


Morgan captured us perfectly. When I hear and think the words, “couples photo shoot” and when I see the results of Morgan’s shoots - those two things are not the same. Morgan exceeds all expectations.
— Katie G., A Couples Connection Session

What Morgan was able to capture was truly unique and one of a kind. She documented how I feel about being my daughter’s mother. I am so lucky to have these images forever.
— Tasha B.

As a child, I could often be found sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by an enormous circle of photographs from the shoe-box beneath my bed. Those photographs transcended time, and that box is still my most valued possession. 

I want that for you too. In the age of throwaway photos and endless cell phone snapshots, I believe in the tangible photograph. I believe that printing is preserving, and I believe your story is worth preservation.