We all have a story to tell..


Your first home together and the way laughter echoes through a living room piled high with boxes. The goosebumps on your skin when you sprinted hand in hand across the sand and into the near freezing ocean. Inhaling that newborn smell while your first child sleeps in your arms, her tiny hand coiled around your finger.

Every love story is overflowing with beautiful moments. 

You want to look at your walls and see photographs that emphasize emotion, connection and love, photographs that can transcend a single moment. Because while balancing a career and a love for travel is enough to keep anyone busy, for you, gorgeous photography that documents your family’s journey is always a top priority.



Who am I? 

I'm Morgan. Lover of handwritten letters, thunderstorms and standing by the ocean while it rains. 

I capture those moments that become infinities, the clarity in a fraction of a second of an otherwise enigmatic world. Those things that define passion. I look for sincerity, beauty, honesty. To illustrate the truth. To stop a moment in time. To find the extraordinary. To bring forth those things that expose humanity.

I create art inspired by what makes you you.

Let me tell your story.

As a photographer myself, I have had lots of pictures taken by other photographers. What Morgan was able to capture was truly unique and one of a kind. She documented how I feel about being my daughter’s mother. I am so lucky to have these images forever.
— Tasha B.



As a child, looking through old photo albums was a favorite past-time of mine, and it still is.

Each of my packages includes exquisite prints and products that are sure to be treasured for generations.

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Emotive photography for individuals, couples and families.