If you want to twirl around in the rain, chase your children across the sand or cuddle up with your spouse on a Sunday morning; I'm the photographer for you.


 I adore sleepy East Coast towns and have a deep appreciation for handwritten love letters and rainy afternoons. You can bet my coffee has been microwaved at least four times on any given morning, and I'll always choose a glass of red wine over an evening trip to the gym.



From your first anniversary to your fiftieth, your story is important to me.


With the choice of dozens of photographers, it can still seem daunting to find the one with the perfect combination of skill, talent and a photographic style that suits you. In addition to experience and talent, you're looking for a photographer with something more. I believe in providing tangible memories, heirlooms that will physically exist as a daily reminder of who you love and all the reasons why. I aim to preserve the deepest and most emotional human connections not just by telling stories through photographs, but by preserving them through print. I believe in providing actual, tangible value.

Together, we'll create a session based on the unique needs of your family. The time we spend together won’t be filled with stiff poses or forced smiles, it will be a time to slow down and enjoy moments with the ones you love. You'll play with your child, kiss your spouse, slow dance around the room; those in-between moments are some of the best. I’ll guide you and give prompts as needed, but keeping it natural allows me to capture your family exactly as you are. When you trust me to document the most important connections in your life, I'm doing more than photographing what that looks like, I’m photographing the way it feels to you in that moment. 


From the little details of daily life to the big milestones, these days are worth documenting.



Morgan Ellis



(843) 263 6196



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