If you want to twirl around in the rain, chase your children across the sand or cuddle up with your spouse on a Sunday morning; I'm the photographer for you.


Morgan Ellis - Photographer

I’m Morgan,

an East Coast based photographer living in Media, Pennsylvania with my stud of a husband and the many houseplants I can’t seem to keep alive. I eat way too much ice cream and I'm still really mad about Denny (Grey's fans - you know) and a few of my favorite things include handwritten love letters, rainy afternoons, documenting wild love, and road trips up the coast of Maine.



From your first anniversary to your fiftieth, your story matters to me (seriously).


Nothing compares to that moment when you see a photograph that captures a feeling you’ve never had the words for, and when that feeling becomes something visual and tangible - something you can, quite literally, hold onto and run your fingers along the edges of - it’s magic. Photographs that capture honest and raw emotion not only have the ability to tell your story, but to become your legacy, and to remind you every time you look at them that you are loved.

With the choice of dozens of photographers, it can be a daunting task to find the one with the perfect combination of artistry and style to tell your story. Even more difficult is finding someone who has that "something more" that you've been searching for. So, why me? Because I give a crap. You matter to me, and so does your story. I set out not only to provide incredible imagery, but to give you the amazing experience you deserve. But don’t just take my word for it:

Morgan is super talented, not to mention kind and professional. I was immediately drawn to her work because of the colors, the way she works with her surroundings, and the intense emotion she has an apt for capturing between subjects. We immediately hit it off and she was great with answering my endless questions, as well as prompt in responding to emails. She made the session fun and carefree, and her turn-around time after the shoot was impressive. We love the gallery we received and will always cherish the moments she captured.
— Kaelah, A Two Year Anniversary Session

I serve best when I’m able to get to know you on a personal level, so please, don't hold back in telling me all about your story - how you met, what you binge watch on weekends, what you can’t get enough of. Getting to know you allows me to better capture your love as it unfolds naturally; in the nuances of a gentle touch, a nose scrunch, or a lose-your-balance kind of laugh.

Together, we'll create a session based on your unique needs. The time we spend together will be a time to slow down and enjoy the ones you love. You’ll run toward the tide, kiss your spouse, slow dance around the room - those in-between moments really are the best. I’ll guide you, give prompts, and make sure we’re documenting the moments you've envisioned, but overall, keeping it natural allows me to capture you just as you are.

Think we’d be a great fit? I agree. 

Let's make some magic.