LooksLikeFilm Artists of the Year | Philadelphia Couples Photographer


Do you remember that ever-so-sweet couple that I ran into on the beach in Camden, Maine this past summer? The ones who had just celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversaryYup, that's them!

One of my favorite images of 2016 happened to be of this beautiful duo, and it got quite popular in one of my favorite photography communities as well. The LooksLikeFilm community is made up of a combined 80,000 or so members, each harboring amazing talent of their own. Back when I first shared the photograph of this couple it received enough attention to become part of the #LLF1000CLUB, and the lovely folks in charge over there decided to put together five days of honorary blog posts to conclude the year and celebrate those who joined the club in 2016, and this image (the un-cropped version) was among them. If you'd like to sit behind your computer in jaw-dropping awe and browse a collection of breathtaking imagery check out the full post by clicking HERE!  

I am so excited for this next year and all of the amazing couples that I am going to have the pleasure of connecting with. From cozy and intimate in-home engagement sessions to vacation sessions on the rocky shorelines of the East Coast, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. Lets start creating