Don't Let These Myths Stop You!

I've heard these myths from friends, and, at one point I may have believed one or two of them myself, so I want to get right to it and debunk a few of the common beliefs that cause us to wait way too long before booking a couples photography session.

So jump right in if you've been wanting to document your love, but you're waiting because...


1.  “ There's nothing special going on right now.”

Not true. Not even a little. Life can be pretty awesome and sometimes pretty rough, but it's all worth savoring.

Eating pizza in your underwear  surrounded by a mountain of boxes in your first home. Rainy days spent exploring a new city. Watching the sunset at your favorite beach or dancing by the tide as night falls.  

The time goes too quickly and, in my opinion, it's the little moments and the day to day details that seem to be the most fleeting. Really think about it, you've found your person... the face that you search for in every crowd, your first thought every morning, the one you want next to you for the rest of your life, does it really have to be a "special occasion" to celebrate that? I don't think so. I think it should be celebrated as often as possible, so if you want to document that, go for it. You don't need to wait for an engagement, a wedding, or an anniversary. Document it whenever you feel the urge, because it is so worthy of preserving. 


2.  “We don't like being in front of the camera.”

“We're so awkward. I don't know what to do with my hands. I'll be focused too much on how I look.”

No, no. You'll actually have fun. Again, this comes down to finding the right photographer for you. Guess what? I'm think I'm awkward in front of the camera too, but that’s where finding the right photographer comes into play. When you're photographer is the perfect fit, it all works out. 

When you arrive at your session with me I’m not just standing behind my camera waiting for you to turn into Tyra Banks. In fact, I don’t expect my couples to do anything at all. That's my job. I will direct you, give you prompts, ease your nerves and guide the entire thing. You'll have so much fun you might even forget I'm there for a minute. Couples have been known to leave our sessions reminiscing on an evening full of adventure and laughter. 

It's not awkward, I promise.


3. You don't think your fiancé/spouse/partner wants to.

Actually, I'd be willing to bet they do, and here's why: 

The session planning. You're going to be really excited, and you know your partner loves seeing you beaming with happiness, even if you're asking for opinions on seventeen different dresses.

The session itself. This one’s pretty basic. You're going to cozy up to each other, you're going to kiss, and you're going to laugh - usually a lot of that last one. If you're outside there might be some running, maybe some spinning, some dancing too (if that’s your thing, of course). Each session caters directly to your unique vibe. If you're really chill people who just want to hang, perhaps you'll just sit on the sand all wrapped up together whispering sweet nothings and enjoying the sun at your backs. Are you full of energy? Cool, maybe you’ll dance around, chase each other toward the tide, tell some inappropriatejokes (by all means, pay no mind to me). Your session is pretty much an enhanced date night - there’ll be a ton of those moments where time seems to stand still and you remember why you fell in love to begin with.

Lastly, the photos. Need I say more? You’ll get photographs that will serve as daily reminders of how loved you are and how deeply you love. The joy, the intimacy, wind in your hair and adoration in your eyes - all of it preserved. It's pretty much impossible not to be excited about that.

This time in your life is so worthy of documenting.