Hunting Island Beach Family Session / Beaufort, South Carolina Photographer

With a Beaufort trip in sight I've been thinking a lot about this place, Hunting Island State Park - a place that for three years was my favorite getaway. Only a twenty minute drive from the small town where I met my husband, this was the spot I'd end up every time I got in my car without a destination. I think my favorite afternoon spent tide-side at Hunting Island was with my sister and her babies. We drove out mid afternoon on a Wednesday, it was March and the shore was desolate, not a car or person in sight. We jumped out of her car and started walking along the beach, the sun soaking into our shoulders as we stepped into the tiny footprints paved by my nieces and nephew. After about a half a mile the pale blue sky turned dark and almost instantaneously, the crashing tide transformed into a sheet of black glass. With a loud clap the sky opened up, and there we were - standing on the sand under a torrential downpour - it was more beautiful than I can put into words, the water and the sky jet black, the sand soaked, hair dripping and clothes clinging against our skin, the kids shrieking and laughing and hugging our legs.

Why paint this picture? I suppose it's to give you a glimpse of what this little place really means to us, to the people who've lived here. I want you to look at this family session and see more than just gorgeous images, I want you to see a family who for a brief time called this place home, who made similar memories on this shore and who will always remember it as a place of joy and adventure. I want you to see how comfortable their feet are upon the sand here while chasing the sunset with me.