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Last year a good friend of mine picked up a copy of Click Magazine thinking I would be interested in and it became an instant favorite. I looked forward to my bi-monthly issue of pages flooded with beautiful images and inspiring, educational articles. When I received my second issue I decided that within three years I too would have an image printed among the pages of the magazine. The shot above is of the current issue, September/October 2015, and printed there is my first published image. 

2018 Updating to add: Thanks, Click Magazine, for featuring me in your publication three times over the years!

Hot tea

I entered this image into the Click VOICE competition, and out of 18,000 photos it was one of 220 to be selected as a finalist. To have my name listed next to some of my biggest inspirations was an honor, to say the least. When I received an email stating that Click wanted to use this image for the "Why It Works" section of the magazine I was ecstatic. I reached my "3 year goal" in a matter of months. To view the entire 2015 Voice collection click HERE!

Clickin Moms Magazine
Click image feature
alaska family photographer
The composition and use of light captivate. An unconventional crop, the dappled light, and the broken pathway defy the conventions of photography, yet the balance of tonality and mass in the frame has a powerful, intuitive appeal. The tension in the child’s body language is echoed by the cracked sidewalk to produce an unexpected harmony — a slight air of mystery pulls it all together.
— Sarah Wilkerson, Clickin Moms' CEO
anchorage artist
anchorage black and white
Anchorage photography
anchorage family photographer
Alaska photographer

Above and below are additional images taken around the same time as the published image. 

Anchorage photographer