Destination Alaska, Part I: Seeking Colder Weather

Our first day on the road began like many road trips do; we wanted distance, as much of it as we could gain. Our departure had been filled with the last minute hassles that ordinary moves entail, and ended in bittersweet goodbyes and all of the embraces and laughter that any move should. We craved a cool breeze, the need for a sweater on a chilly July night, and for that we had to put as many miles between ourselves and Beaufort as possible. 

We had planned to spend time in Nashville, St Louis and Rapid City before reaching the National Parks, any stops in between were to be made on a whim. We arrived in Nashville on the morning of day two and never left the car. The bustling streets of the city that I so often enjoy made us long for elevation and isolation. We drove through Kentucky next, stopping in Missouri for a nights rest. The next morning we decided we weren't much in the mood for St. Louis either, the air was still humid and we wanted to explore a different type of terrain; we got back on the highway and continued north. We were about an hour past Kansas City, stomachs full and fueling up to get back on the road when we decided to turn around. In that gas station parking lot we realized that plans had no place on this trip, we were going to Colorado. 

colorado mountains

I fell in love with Boulder, Colorado from the moment we arrived, it would have been impossible not to. This city has so much to offer, the downtown area is vibrant and lively and in moments you can find yourself surrounded by the tranquility of nature. We had only planned for one night in Boulder and instead we stayed three. Our visit was filled with great coffee, great people and even greater views, another trip here is definitely in our future. 

drinking water
colorado path

Cooper made it through almost eight miles of breathtaking Boulder trails before deciding it was time to lay down. Fortunately for my husband, we were less than a half mile from our car.

hike colorado
Grand Teton, Wyoming

Grand Teton, Wyoming

one tree
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

national park
paint the world
Old Faithful
Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park






Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks all had one thing in common: beauty. If you ever have the opportunity to spend time in any one of these majestic places, I encourage you to do so. 

mountainside camping
German Sheppard
Fire, Glacier National Park

Fire, Glacier National Park

The open road is a great place to make memories, and we ended our journey with more than our fair share. I feel lucky to have a passion that allows me to document my experiences and preserve them in a way that speaks to my heart. I hope you've enjoyed viewing these moments as much as I enjoyed documenting them. 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that it all.
— Oscar Wilde